Contact Center Solution Training

Education that fits your schedule.

Aspect Active Learning creates an environment where your people learn at their own pace, anytime anywhere. Through eCourses, instructor-led events, online resources and one-on-one mentoring, students follow a well defined plan that’s specific to your business goals. Training tools are housed in the Aspect Active Learning Portal, ensuring standardization of content. It all comes together in a program that engages employees and increases their long-term performance success, while reducing training time by as much as 50 percent.

  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to training – give students a choice of where and when they get training
  • Three-hour training modules help students digest information quickly, while still focusing on their daily responsibilities
  • Give supervisors and administrators easy access to learning materials
  • Maximize ROI by reducing attrition, overall training time, expenditures and manager involvement
  • Grow and adapt your learning program with no additional out-of-pocket expenses

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