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A frantic traveler needs updated flight information. A worried patient has questions about post-hospitalization medications. A first-time home buyer is anxious about the status of their mortgage applications.

Routing questions to answers. That’s what customer service is all about when you think about it…but, like most things, it is not as simple as it sounds. First off, today’s consumers are more demanding, wanting service to be personalized, convenient and on their schedule – and they want to do it for themselves.

In short, they want self-service on their terms.

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Consumers by far prefer self-service – but self-service based upon technologies they use every day like texting. That’s why Aspect is leading the way with Interactive Text Response applications that automate conversations with consumers and is powered by natural language understanding.

Sometimes, however, human back-up is needed when issues get a little complicated. So, there must be a seamless, frictionless way to transfer to an agent, retaining all context of what the consumer was doing up until this point. Aspect makes sure that self-service fits into the larger customer experience, not leaving consumers at a dead end when a self-service app just won’t get the customer to the answers they need.

And when human assistance is required, Aspect WFO solutions ensure agents are empowered, productive and always on-hand with the training and knowledge necessary to provide customers the information they were looking for.

Routing questions to answers. On terms dictated by today’s self-reliant consumers. The customer experience re-imagined.

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