Know Your Customer Service Persona

68% of the companies surveyed say that their company is doing a better job providing customer service than their customers would actually say they are.

– *Aspect 2014 Customer Persona Research Study

Do you know who your customers are dealing with?

If not, a new Aspect research study of companies offering customer service will help you find out. The Aspect Customer Persona Research Study identified and surveyed customer service decision makers and uncovered five groups companies fall into based on their investment, approach and attitudes towards delivering customer service.

Which one are you?

Choose a persona to read its full profile or take our “What’s Your Customer Service Persona?” quiz.

*Commissioned by Aspect and conducted by GfK Custom Research, LLC, the Aspect 2014 Customer Persona Research Study is a two-part qualitative (17 respondents) and quantitative study (629 respondents) of customer-service decision-makers at the senior-manager level and across the retail, travel/hospitality, healthcare, financial services and telecommunications industries.


Is your company the Selfie? The Traditionalist? How about the Honcho?

Find out which customer service persona your company falls into.

Take our “What’s Your Customer Service Persona?” quiz now.


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