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22 July 2014 Nordstrom digs into 5-star customer reviews and finds a shipping problem, TechTarget

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06 June 2014 Walmart’s New C.E.O. Stresses Technology to Improve Customer Service, New York Times

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01 May 2014 The 7 Musts of Customer Service on Social Media, Entrepreneur 

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01 Mar 2014 How Important Is Customer Service In Customer Experience? (Infographic), Business 2 Community

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14 Nov 2013 Delta: A Customer Service Role Model, Forbes

14 Nov 2013 Retailers less than cheerful over Christmas sales, NYTimes

14 Nov 2013 Users Hit It Off with Social Networks for Customer Service, Business2Community

14 Nov 2013 Customer experience management to drive telco IT spending to $60.7B by 2017, says Ovum, FierceTelecom

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26 Oct 2012 Large Enterprises Seeking Cloud-based UC, UCStrategies

25 Oct 2012 UCStrategies Experts Discuss Multi-Vendor UC Interoperability, UCStrategies

25 Oct 2012 UCStrategies Experts Discuss Multi-Vendor UC Interoperability, UCStrategies

24 Oct 2012 Voice is Not the Path to UC, UCStrategies

11 Oct 2013 Study: Topnotch Customer Service Yields Strong Returns, CRM Buyer

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