Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Stew Bloom Stew Bloom Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Beaver Stephen Beaver Senior Vice President
and General Counsel
Gwen Braygreen Gwen Braygreen Senior Vice President,
Aspect Customer Care
Manish Chandak Manish Chandak Vice President,
Professional Services
Guido de Koning Guido de Koning Senior Vice President,
Human Capital
Ken Ewell Ken Ewell Senior Vice President,
Worldwide Professional Services
James Freeze James Freeze Senior Vice President
and Chief Marketing Officer
Joe Gagnon Joe Gagnon Senior Vice President
and General Manager Cloud Solutions
Jim Haskin Jim Haskin Senior Vice President
and Chief Information Officer
David Herzog David Herzog Senior Vice President
and General Manager
of Voxeo
Chris Koziol Chris Koziol President and General
Manager, Interaction Management
Robert Krakauer Robert Krakauer Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer
Spence Mallder Spence Mallder Senior Vice President,
General Manager WFO
and Chief Technology Officer
Michael Regan Michael Regan Senior Vice President,
Research & Development

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